Resolutions have been passed at recent AGMs to allow for the sale of apartments at Club Caronte as well as five in the Delta Mar area. As a result of the action subsequently taken, the Committee has been able to invest significant amounts of the sales proceeds in upgrading 43 apartments in Club Marbella / Regency Palms to the ’Sapphire Collection’ high standard and to undertake some significant refurbishment / enhancements in 56 apartments at Club Calahonda, with the remaining 26 to be completed this coming winter.

This year, the Committee sought the authority to arrange the sale of some or all the Crown Resorts’ apartments within Club Delta Mar and the one remaining three-bedroom apartment at Bahia Playa - but only if and when it is considered appropriate at some future time yet to be determined. In the build-up to the AGM – and during the meeting itself – it was made clear that if this Resolution was passed - and the Committee does use the authority so given - the Club would receive further sums to invest in improving more of the remaining apartments. It would also maintain the balance between the number of members and the available accommodation within the Club. A resulting benefit would be that members would not be overburdened with the cost of holding apartments that are unused for large parts of the year.

It was also made clear that this action is not urgently required, but the Committee believes it was sensible to seek authority at this year’s AGM rather than waiting a further year.

Outcome of the presented Resolution:
The Resolution was approved by in excess of the required two-thirds majority of the votes cast.
Published on 7th November, 2017 | In the category AGM Club News